Mikaela Helane is an image maker and writer since 2004, creating and weaving narratives through her photography. Utilizing both natural and studio light, she enjoys being creative with lighting and color in her images—all choices she makes in order to best complement her model, product or client’s brand. While her work is driven by a love of fashion, creativity, authenticity and empathy, her drive and optimistic outlook assist her on even the hardest of projects from her clients all the while staying true to the integrity of the project and brand.
Mikaela graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in fashion photography and a minor in journalism, where she was Summa Cum Laude and won every scholarship she was eligible for. Prior to Columbia, Mikaela graduated with her honors Associates degree at Ivy Tech Community College. Mikaela is currently back in Indianapolis but still travels to Chicago for shoots. 
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